Top Ten songs for the Oracle of Delphi (or Prophecy of the Most Beautiful) soundtrack

I'm so behind on posts, reading and reviewing books. On Sunday I was meant to post something on the blog, but I just didn't find the time. However today I have some free time left to blog. The Oracle of Delphi is a great series and I should have read the third book in the series a long time ago. BIG shame on me! & I should have posted this post a long time ago aswell. So I'm catching up on reviews, reading books and all the other things that come with blogging and having a book blog. They are all fun stuff, but they do take a lot of time. :) 

A while ago I asked the author Diantha Jones her top ten songs for the Oracle of Delphi series, here is her awesome list: 

1. Now by Paramore
2. Contact by Daft Punk
3. Kings&Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars
4. Hero by Foo Fighters
5. Counting Stars by OneRepublic (For Chloe and Strafford :)
6. All Around Me by Flyleaf (Also for Chloe and Strafford)
7. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation
8. Enemy Among Us by Paper Route
9. A Place for My Head by Linkin Park
10. The Immortals by Kings of Leon

My favorite song (and group) among this list is Enemy Among Us by Paper Route! But I think each of these songs embodies the series and the journey our heroes are on. "Stand My Ground" could definitely be Chloe's personal theme song (Thanks, Mia!), but I think "Now" is a good choice for her too. Strafford Law is all I can think about when I listen to "Hero", and I can picture all of the characters rocking out to "Kings & Queens". Daft Punk's "Contact" has this fantasy vibe that just can't be ignored (plus they're awesome), so I had to add that one. Had to pick two songs for our lovebirds, Chloe and Strafford, and out of the two "All Around Me" sums their relationship up perfectly, though "Counting Stars" is pretty awesome too. "The Immortals" is just a great song "...the path of greatness is at your fingers..." Yes. It. Is.

But overall, every song speaks of heroes and victory. I think my characters would love this list.

That's so cool. I love One Republic, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters. Can I just say how awesome that you picked out a Dutch band: Within Temptation. Their lead singer is awesome, I love the sound of the lead singer. I never heard of Enemy Among Us, but the title is very fitting with the books. Going to check that one out on YouTube. 

Thank you Diantha for taking your time to make this list! 

Love, Nina

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (7 augustus 2013 om 14:37)  

Love these kinds of list. I really should go for a listen at youtube. :D

Nina  – (9 augustus 2013 om 13:51)  

Yay! DO it, you may find something you love! :)BTW Missed you!

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (12 augustus 2013 om 17:10)  

Oh that's a great list of songs. I love Paramore too. Thank you for sharing.

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