Bonaire 2014

In January I went for a daytrip to a little Island in the Caribbean called Bonaire. It's a thirty minute flight from Curacao to Bonaire, super fast and we landed there in no time. Oh yeah, before I forget, I went with my older sister. Before visiting Bonaire I heard lots of stories about how small the Island is. There are beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, but seriously that's it. No shops to browse around in, no bookstores (well one, very little) but lots and lots of restaurants and many tourists. If you love to dive, Bonaire is your place! Not so much a beach person? Well, then Bonaire is fun for a day or two. We went touring in an old car and we saw literally everthing of the Island in 3 hours! It was awesome! We had so much fun. The most beautiful thing I saw on Bonaire were the 'salt hills' and salt lake. I had a blast and wanted to show you some pictures.

Christina / Book Addict  – (14 mei 2014 om 04:01)  

Wow! Looks incredible. I wouldn't mind spending a day or two there …looks so relaxing. I am glad you are well and having a good time!

Nina  – (14 mei 2014 om 11:24)  

@Christina: Very relaxed! It's so beautiful there. :)

Teddyree  – (16 mei 2014 om 00:35)  

I'd be happy ... beach and food :)
Sounds like you had a ball. Nice to see you back in the blogosphere and PS I love your travel post button!!

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