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It’s time to start if you love’ again. An old feature on J’adore Happy Endings where I give two recommendations per *loved* TV show.

Hart of Dixie is a show about a doctor from New York who moves to a small town called Bluebell in Alabama. She (Zoe Hart played by Rachel Bilson) has to deal with being the new girl in town, the drama around it, romance (breaking-up) and growing up. I have only watched two seasons, but it’s a fun show to follow. The show has some awesome quirky characters and there is a lot of character development going on. These characters, especially Wanda, will make you laugh in no time.

The romance is super cute and delicious. There is a love triangle in the story, so you are warned! But this time it's not that hard to actually choose sides and you'll find yourself rooting for one of the guys.

So, all in all very entertaining and just super cute!

Keywords: Drama, romance, love triangle, comedy


If you love Hart of Dixie, you will love... 

Viola in Reel Life by 
Adriana Trigiani
Drama factor:
Fun, caring characters and a cute plot! Viola in Reel Life is a great coming of age story. And who doesn't love a story about a new girl at a boardingschool. Think of all the drama!

Five Flavors of Dumb by 
Antony John
Drama factor:
I've read Five Flavors of Dumb in 2011 and I still think it's a wonderful contemporary ya book. The characters are fantastic, especially the main character Piper is awesome. "
I liked Piper a lot. She stands up for herself and is very determined. She also learns from her mistakes and grows in the story. The best part (for me) was to see her grow and the relationship she has with her family."

Reviews from a Bookworm  – (12 juni 2014 om 15:14)  

I haven't watched the show before but have been tempted to try it quite a few times. I haven't heard of either book before but I will keep an eye out for them at work. Thanks for sharing :)

Nina  – (12 juni 2014 om 15:32)  

@Reviews from a Bookworm:
The first two seasons were really great. I love the characters, especially the main character. She's so real. :) Both of the books are older YA books, but they are def. worth the read.

Braine TS  – (12 juni 2014 om 16:45)  

I love Hart of Dixie & its stereotypical characters. I need to get caught up though, I know it's on Netflix so at least it's accessible. Thanks for the parallel recs

Nina  – (12 juni 2014 om 17:09)  

@Braine TS:
Stereotypical characters, lol! True. :)

Kindlemom  – (12 juni 2014 om 19:42)  

I have wanted to watch Heart of Dixie forever now but hate jumping in mid season. I need to check to see if Hulu or Netflix have it from season one and see if I can play catch up.

Faye M.  – (12 juni 2014 om 20:19)  

That shows sounds interesting! I've actually never heard of it before, so this is the first time, and it sounds like a really good show that portrays a lot of character-development. I'll take all of these recommendations to heart! Thank you!

Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

Melliane  – (12 juni 2014 om 22:28)  

I heard great things about Hart Dixie but I still need to try it.

Blodeuedd  – (12 juni 2014 om 23:05)  

I have read 2 Trigiani books so I am sure I'd like this one too

Nina  – (13 juni 2014 om 11:18)  

I've never heard of Hulu before, but hopefully they have the first season. It's a super fun show. :)

Yay! You're welcome. Hopefully you'll watch it one day and become obsessed about it. lol. :)

Nina  – (13 juni 2014 om 11:19)  

I hope you do! I love it. :)

That's great to hear! Which one did you read? :)

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (13 juni 2014 om 13:24)  

I have wanted to see Heart of Dixie, but just never caught it. I've also been curious of 5 Flavors of Dumb. That title makes me laugh. :)

Nina  – (13 juni 2014 om 18:33)  

Five Flavors of Dumb is a really great read. I'm sure you'll love it. :) I agree, the title is super fun.

Rashika  – (15 juni 2014 om 03:23)  

I am pretty sure I have Five Flavors of Dumb on my TBR (I'll have to check though) and I've heard WONDERFUL things about it! :D It also sounds like such a fun book so I do hope I get time to read it soon!

Also I hadn't heard of Viola in Reel Life but I am off to check it out (look at that fun pun in the title :DDD).

Thanks for the recs, Nina! :)

Rashika @ The Social Potato

Tracy Terry  – (16 juni 2014 om 06:04)  

Great recommendations. Though we do get Hart Of Dixie here it isn't a series I've watched.

Nina  – (16 juni 2014 om 16:58)  

You are welcome!

@Tracy Terry:
Thank you. No, Hart of Dixie isn't everyone's cup of tea. My best friend can't stand the characters on the show. lol. ;)

Angela's Anxious Life  – (17 juni 2014 om 19:20)  

I have been thinking about watching Hart of Dixie ever since it started. I didn't start it when it first came out because I was afraid it would get canceled. I loved Gilmore Girls and hope it gives the same feels!

Nina  – (18 juni 2014 om 13:51)  

@Angela's Anxious Life:
Ooh, I hate it when that happens. They always cancel the good shows. :)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com  – (2 juli 2014 om 06:51)  

I love that you did this. I'm a huge HOD fan.

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