Back and blogging again...

Yes, I'm back! It's been years since I've been active on my blog, goodreads and the bookcommunity. And I missed it. Truly, missed reading, reviewing and just talking about books. 

Well, Nina, where have you been for all these years? Abroad. I think I mentioned that in 2012 (such a long time ago) I did my intern on a small island in the Caribbean. I loved it, the people, the culture, the food, just everything, so the next year (after graduation) I moved. I actually moved to the Island. And for almost five years I've been teaching there and just loving life.
And then..well life happened (again) sisters got pregnant (yes, both of them!) and I missed them so much that I got the 'homesickness' (lol). And it hit me HARD. I really wanted to be close to them, my parents, best friends and just be a aunt to my nieces. So, I packed my stuff and moved back to the Netherlands. Back in the Netherlands I started reading more books and I just wanted to start blogging again. Thank heavens I didn't delete my blog! Can I get a big whoop whoop! 

So, yes I'm back & super excited! My first official bookpost will be on Monday! 
Look forward to more bookposts. 

Love, Nina

Blodeuedd  – (21 oktober 2017 om 11:48)  

Omg u are back :D

Ok news for the last 3 years...well one thing happened, I have a 5 month old daughter :)

fredamans  – (22 oktober 2017 om 07:14)  

Welcome back!!
I got married to my hunny of almost 17 years while you were away. :-) We've been 2 years married now.

Nina  – (22 oktober 2017 om 07:30)  

@Blodeuedd: OMG! That's so great! Love this news.

Nina  – (22 oktober 2017 om 07:31)  

@fredamans: What!! I missed so much being away. I'm super happy for you. :)

Nikki Walters  – (22 oktober 2017 om 08:22)  

Good luck with picking back up on your blog! :)

Nina  – (22 oktober 2017 om 08:25)  

@Nikki Walters: Thank you!

MsArdychan  – (22 oktober 2017 om 10:02)  

What an adventure! I taught English in Japan for three years, so I love that you went abroad and taught! I'm sure you are still adjusting to being home, but I bet it is a wonderful feeling, too. Thanks for following my blog.

Nina  – (23 oktober 2017 om 04:59)  

@MsArdychan: Wow, Japan, that's really an adventure! And you're right, I'm still adjusting here in the Netherlands. The weather so cold! But, still one of the best decisions I made.

The Readdicts  – (24 oktober 2017 om 07:52)  

Yay Nina! So happy to have you back to blogging :)

Janhvi @ The Readdicts

Nina  – (25 oktober 2017 om 01:21)  

@The Readdicts: Me too! :)

@Elizabeth: Thank you!

Lauren  – (29 oktober 2017 om 09:09)  

So glad to see your black to blogging!! I can completely understand being homesick, especially when exciting things are happening with your family. I actually just came back to it this summer after being gone for several years as well, and I'm loving it. I didn't realize how much I really, truly missed it until I was back in it again. Plus it's exciting to be back in the know about what books are coming out. Anyhow, excited to see more posts!!

Nina  – (30 oktober 2017 om 12:38)  

@Lauren: Thank you! Family is very important and I wouldn't want to miss seeing my nieces grow up. Thank you for being excited to see my posts! I'm looking forward writing more reviews, reading more books and just overal more blogging. Thank you for coming by.

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