Any Way You Slice It by Kristine Carlson Asselin

Any Way You Slice It by Kristine Carlson Asselin
Release date: November, 2017
Pages: 225
Source: Kristine Carlson Asselin & Netgalley

My feelings:

Penelope Spaulding just can't catch a break. Between long hours at the family pizza shop, piles of homework, and her dad’s new obsession—getting the restaurant on a new foodie reality show—it's hard to find a spare moment to breathe. But when she laces up her skates and steps on the ice, the world is hers to control and everything else slips away. When the bad boy who lives down the street dares her to join the Rink Rats, the local misfit hockey team, she surprises herself and joins in silent defiance of everything her parents have forbidden. The more she plays, the easier it is to keep lying, and soon Pen finds it impossible to come clean. She’s sneaking out to practice—and loving every minute of it. It doesn’t take long for her to fall in love with hockey…but she’s not entirely sure if it’s the game she’s falling for or the boy. Because it can’t last. As soon as her dad finds out, she’ll be benched. For good. And the one thing she IS sure of...she can't stop playing.

My Review:
Any Way You Slice It was a fun and adorable read. 

Penelope (love the name) is hard-working, caring and very loyal to her family's restaurant. But, she has a different passion and unfortunately her dad doesn't like what she loves to do. I liked Penelope a lot. She doesn't let anyone, even her dad get in her way. She's very determined. I also really loved Jake! He's very caring and such a great friend to Penelope. 

The plot is really fun to read. The romance is cute, nothing to deep here and that's okay. Sometimes I don't need those deep love connections. The romance between Penelope and Jake was just adorable! 

After reading Any Way You Slice It, you will want to eat pizza! So you're warned, get a slice!  
I recommend Any Way You Slice It for anyone who from time to time needs a simple, but fun and adorable story to read.

Sarah @ A Weebish Book Blog  – (15 november 2017 om 06:29)  

It's a good thing we ordered pizza last night! LOL This sounds like a cute contemporary romance. Adding to the TBR :)

The Readdicts  – (15 november 2017 om 07:25)  

Omg! The cover of this book looks so cute. I enjoy contemporary romances so I think I'd like this one. I'm a pizza lover too :D Thanks for your review Nina :)

Janhvi @ The Readdicts

Just Another Girl and Her Books  – (15 november 2017 om 08:10)  

Man, I kind of want to eat pizza just because of you mentioning it in your review. This is going on my list for the next time I need a feel good story. - Katie

Nina  – (15 november 2017 om 08:30)  

@Just Another Girl and Her Books: Haha! :) oh, pizza. After reading this book, you will want to eat pizza for a day or two.

@The Readdacts: I agree, the cover is super cute!

@Sarah: Yay! I hope you'll love it.

Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads  – (15 november 2017 om 10:51)  

This sounds like such a cute and fun story! And... I kind of already want pizza haha :)

Nina  – (15 november 2017 om 11:07)  

@Lindsey: It totally is! You'll love it.

Blodeuedd  – (15 november 2017 om 11:20)  

Cute, adorable, well those are all good words in my book

Nina  – (16 november 2017 om 10:29)  

@Blodeuedd: I know, right? Those are the rights words.

Kindlemom  – (16 november 2017 om 12:29)  

I agree with the others, the cover on this is so nice, I really like it. Glad the story was a good one as well. :D

Melliane  – (17 november 2017 om 06:31)  

the cover is really cute so it's nice to see the story is like that too

Nina  – (17 november 2017 om 10:41)  

@Kindlemom: I agree, the cover is very eye-catching.

@bermudaonion: It totally is! I hope you'll read it.

@Melliane: The cover is super cute!

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