Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira
Release date: April, 2014
Pages: 336
Source: Borrowed

My feelings: 

It begins as an assignment for English class: Write a letter to a dead person. 
Laurel chooses Kurt Cobain because her sister, May, loved him. 
And he died young, just like May did. Soon, Laurel has a notebook full of letters to people like Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Amelia Earhart, Heath Ledger, and more -- though she never gives a single one of them to her teacher. She writes about starting high school, navigating new friendships, falling in love for the first time, learning to live with her splintering family. And, finally, about the abuse she suffered while May was supposed to be looking out for her. Only then, once Laurel has written down the truth about what happened to herself, can she truly begin to accept what happened to May. And only when Laurel has begun to see her sister as the person she was -- lovely and amazing and deeply flawed -- can she begin to discover her own path in this stunning debut from Ava Dellaira

My Review:
I thought I would absolutly love Love Letters to the Dead. I mean the description of the book sounds very interesting and I heard a lot of great things about it. But, I didn't love it, I did not even like it that much. 

Laurel was a very naive and dull character. I did not care for her, at all! There was a lot of peer pressure in the book. The things her friends did were too much for me. And when Laurel did those things with them, I just thought 'really? ugh'. I didn't like any of the characters, mostly
because their actions were just terrible. 

The letters, oh wow, I found them boring. In the second part of the book the letters became more interesting to read. Now, not quite that interesting that it made me end up loving the book, but to the extend that I wanted to find out what happened to the sister. So, I skimmed some of the letters. Yes, I did! 

Thinking about the book again, I feel just blah. Love Letters to the Dead was not for me! 

Just Another Girl and Her Books  – (12 november 2017 om 10:36)  

Sorry to hear this book fell flat for you. It does seem to have so much promise from the description. Great review. - Katie

Blodeuedd  – (12 november 2017 om 11:25)  

Blah is sure not a feeling you want to feel when finishing a book

Midnight Cowgirl  – (12 november 2017 om 14:49)  

It's so disappointing when a book sounds good but ends up just being meh.

Carole Wooten  – (12 november 2017 om 16:20)  

Sorry that this one didn't work for you. I loved it when I read it but honestly don't remember too much about it besides the fact that the letters were to people in my age group or older instead of people familiar to most teens. I hope your next read is better for you.

Verushka Byrow  – (12 november 2017 om 21:57)  

Blah. The blurb sounds so promising too, but what a let down this seems like

Nina  – (13 november 2017 om 01:57)  

@Verushka Byrow: Def. a let down. I really hoped I would have loved it.

@Carole Wooten: Me too! I'm happy that I didn't get into a reading slump. Sometimes a okay/bad book does that to me.

@Midnight Cowgirl: Totally agree.

@Blodeuedd: That's super bad, right?

@Just Another Girl and her books: Thank you!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz  – (13 november 2017 om 03:47)  

It’s sad when a book disappoints!

Nina  – (13 november 2017 om 03:48)  

@Deb Nance at Readerbuzz: I know, right! Hate it. :(

Kindlemom  – (13 november 2017 om 05:02)  

Sorry this one did't work out for you, that can be so disappointing. Hopefully your next read is a better one.

Nina  – (13 november 2017 om 05:16)  

@Kindlemom: I hope so too!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (13 november 2017 om 12:20)  

Aw sorry to hear that. Yea, if it was boring, it wouldn't be for me either. Hope the next one is better.

Nina  – (14 november 2017 om 10:32)  

@Melissa: Thank you! I hate boring stories.

Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads  – (14 november 2017 om 10:53)  

Oh this sounded so good, so I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy it! I get really frustrated by reading about peer pressure so I'd probably not enjoy it either, especially if the letters are quite borig in the first half.

Nina  – (14 november 2017 om 10:58)  

@Lindsey: It did! I really thought I would love it.

Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies  – (14 november 2017 om 17:22)  

I read this a couple of years ago, so I don't remember a lot of details -- but I didn't particularly love it either, which was disappointing.

Melliane  – (15 november 2017 om 02:26)  

I have this one but haven't read it. curious to see if I'll think the same

Nina  – (15 november 2017 om 03:46)  

@Lisa: Very disapointing! It sounded so good.

@Melliane: Looking forward reading your thoughts about the book.

Adriana C  – (15 november 2017 om 09:20)  

I read this some time ago and maybe I was in the mood to read some book about this topic because I did enjoyed it.

Anna  – (15 november 2017 om 09:58)  

That's too bad this book didn't work out for you-- I agree, the premise just sounds so interesting!

Nina  – (15 november 2017 om 11:09)  

@Adriana: That's great! Not every book is meant for everyone. This one wasn't for me, but I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

@Anna: Yes, very interesting! I haven't read another book like this before. (with this premise)

Suzanne at The Bookish Libra  – (20 november 2017 om 16:35)  

I've read so many mixed reviews for this one. Sorry it didn't work out better for you. I think I'm ready to remove it from my TBR.

Nina  – (22 november 2017 om 06:48)  

@Suzanne: I would recommend you borrow it at the library. And when you do end up loving it, you can always buy it. :)

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