Heir Ascendant by Matthew S.Cox

Heir Ascendant by Matthew S.Cox
Release date: October, 2017
Pages: 300
Source: Received from Curiosity Quills Press

My feelings: 

Maya Oman is the daughter of the woman who controls what's left of civilization, the CEO of Ascendant Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Her smile is as ubiquitous as air, selling everything from vital medicine to vanity drugs with risky side effects. Lifelike android clones reside in over a dozen homes, shielding her from the violent resentment of a population straining under her mother's boot heel.
Ascendant's power comes from Xenodril, a drug capable of reversing the effects of Fade, a disease some claim came from aliens or from the governments that predate the war. Only Ascendant sells it, and at a price only Citizens can afford. The rest are left to die.

Maya's earliest memories are of living alone in a penthouse apartment, desperate for the attention of a mother who never visits. Forbidden to go out except to record advertising video, her only friend has been the 'net. When she is taken for ransom by a group of mercenaries with nothing left to lose, she discovers her life may not be what she thought it was--or wants

My Review:
Usually I read books in one to three days, but it took me two weeks to finish Heir Ascendant. Two freaking weeks! Not because it was bad, but because I had a hard time getting into it.

Maya is a very smart nine year old who gets kidnapped. Maya is very strong, knows a lot of information about her mothers company and the society she's living in. She's also very determined to find her mother.  I liked Maya, but why oh why did the author made the main character nine years old? She was way too smart for a nine year old and that made the story quite unbelievable. So, to read further I made her older in my mind. I just couldn't picture a nine year old doing all the things Maya did in the story.

The plot was interesting. It did take me a few tries to really get into, but when I finally did it was good. There was a lot going on, but the 'adventure' Maya is undertaking to find her mother was very entertaining to read. I wanted someone to hug her and say that everything was going to be alright and I was super happy that some characters on her journey weren't all evil.

Heir Ascendant was entertaining to read and it made me want to add more books in this genre to my want to read list. That's always a good thing.
If you need a nice adventure story set in a dystopian world, you should read Heir Ascendant.

Melliane  – (13 december 2017 om 03:19)  

It looks interesting. I didn't know about this one I confess.

Nina  – (13 december 2017 om 03:22)  

@Melliane: If you like to read dystopian books, you should give it a try. :)

Lauren  – (13 december 2017 om 05:12)  

The premise of this one sounds interesting, but I feel like I would have a hard time with the age of the main character as well. Glad you enjoyed it overall though!

Nina  – (13 december 2017 om 05:20)  

@Blodeuedd: Yeah, you would say middle grade, but for me the story isn't for middle graders. I wouldn't want them to read this book.

@Lauren: I just had to change the age in my mind to read further, otherwise I probably couldn't finish it.

bermudaonion  – (13 december 2017 om 07:03)  

I'm glad it ended up working for you but I probably would have given up on it.

Nina  – (13 december 2017 om 07:11)  

@bermudanonion: haha, I think a lot of others would have too. I have a hard time dnf-ing books, but I'am glad I didn't give up.

Lily B  – (14 december 2017 om 10:39)  

I hate when that happens :( sometimes it just doesn't work for you. I still try to finish books, but ugh lately...

Kindlemom  – (14 december 2017 om 12:45)  

Glad you stuck with this one but sorry it wasn't everything you hoped it would be.

Geybie's Book Blog  – (14 december 2017 om 16:35)  

I was SO surprised when you mentioned that she was actually nine years old. I’ve never met or heard any nine year old could be that wise and smart. Haha.. a little older heroine could’ve been so much better. Thanks for your honest review. It’s awesome. 😁❤️

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer  – (14 december 2017 om 17:13)  

The world sounds interesting and Maya has me curious. Sorry, it was hard to slip into.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (15 december 2017 om 13:05)  

I usually make them older in my mind as well. Oh this looks interesting. I think sometimes fantasy can be hard to fall into easily. Brilly review!

Nina  – (16 december 2017 om 01:40)  

@Lily B: Yeah, I totally should stick with what I did years ago. Read till page 80-100 and if then the story hasn't changed into something exciting, just stop! :)

@Kindlemom: Thank you!

@Geybie's Book Blog: Thank you! I know, right! Nine! Way too young. He should have made her a teenager.

@Kimberly: Yay! Even with the rough start, totally love the world aswell.

@Melissa: True!

Just Another Girl and Her Books  – (17 december 2017 om 00:07)  

Oh, I love dystopian novels...but I might have a hard time picturing a nine-year old as the hero myself...Like I realize there are some genius kids out there, but it still takes a bit more of a stretch of the imagination to put myself in one of their shoes...I still might give it a try though because I love the cover.

Wonderful review. - Katie

Nina  – (17 december 2017 om 01:41)  

@Just Another Girl and Her Books: I know, right! Nine years old! Way too young.

Verushka Byrow  – (21 december 2017 om 03:31)  

Oh dear, a 9 year old main character? Yeah, this is probably not for me. THe blurb and the genre and the setting just doesn't gel for me with a 9Yo. I wonder why the author chose to make her so young though?

Nina  – (23 december 2017 om 07:40)  

@Verushka: I know, right! So young!

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