Reading Challenges Part Two

Last Wednesday I posted about my personal reading challenges for 2018, so today I'm going to show you the reading challenge I'm going to participate in that is not my own.

The reading challenge is called Author Love Challenge.

The Author Love Challenge is hosted by because reading and it's all about reading more books by your favourite author. Simple, right? I can do that!

I can hear you asking, who are your favourite authors? Well, one of my favourite authors is Terry Pratchett.  The Disc World series is one of my favourite series. I started reading the Disc World series when I was studying for my teachers degree. While waiting for my best friend to arrive I went inside a little bookstore and bought The Color of Magic. That day, on my way back home, I started to read it and fell in love with it. 

I haven't finished reading all of the books in the series, but with this challenge I'm going to try! 

I have a lot of favourite books, but from the list of authors who wrote them I haven't read any other book from. So, I'm going to try to read more books from these authors:

1. Huntley Fitzpatrick
My Life Next Door was one of my favourite contemporaries in 2012. I really want to read more books written by Fitzpatrick. I'm sure that I will love all of her books.

2. Stacey Kramer & 3. Valerie Thomas
From What I Remember is hands down one of my favourites! Ever! I love this book so much that I can't even believe that I only reread it once. I want to read more books by these authors.

4. Melissa Marr 
I have a lot of favourite series, but I have the best memories reading the Wicked Lovely series. It's one of the series I read way, way back when I started this blog. Oh, the memories. I remember that I adored them so much that I binge read them all. These fae were awesome and quite scary. I NEED to read more books written by Melissa Marr.

I wanted to join one more, but I think I'm only going to participate in one. One is more than enough for me.

Are you joining any challenges? 

vvb32 reads  – (23 december 2017 om 09:41)  

Good luck with the challenges. I have not decided if I will join any next year. I did not do as well as I liked with the ones for this year. So thinking about it.

Carole Wooten  – (23 december 2017 om 12:09)  

Good luck with this challenge. It sounds like a great one since you get to focus on your favorites :)

Nina  – (24 december 2017 om 04:41)  

@:Carole Wooten: Thank you!

@Blodeuedd: That's a great challenge! And I know that you love audiobooks, so you WILL succeed! Yay! :)

@vv32 reads: Thank you! If you do join any challenges, good luck to you too!

Lauren  – (24 december 2017 om 06:01)  

This challenge sounds great! So often I'll read one book by an author and LOVE it yet never read their other books. I loved My Life Next Door too! It reminded me of a Sarah Dessen book, but like you still haven't read her others :( Good luck with your challenge! :)

bermudaonion  – (24 december 2017 om 06:53)  

This sounds like a great challenge - have fun!

Shell  – (25 december 2017 om 10:37)  

I've only read My Life Next Door by Huntley too. I want to read her other books, but I haven't been very interested in contemporary reads lately. I also have some Melissa Marr books to catch up on too. Good luck!

Nina  – (26 december 2017 om 03:31)  

@Lauren: Thank you! There's always time to participate! :)

@bermudaonion: Thank you, I will! :)

@Shell: Thank you! I love Melissa Marr Wicked Lovely series, looking forward to her other books!

Literary Feline  – (30 december 2017 om 23:33)  

This looks like it will be great fun! I see you have Melissa Marr listed. I have yet to read one of her books, but Wicked Lovely will be in my next TBR List poll and up for vote. :-) I've been wanting to read that for years. I love stories about the fae.

Nina  – (31 december 2017 om 04:29)  

@Literary Feline: Yay! I'm going to vote! For sure! You have to read Wicked Lovely, one of my favourites. :)

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