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This idea/meme came from Jenny at Wondrous Reads.

The Netherlands – The United States

I really like the picture the used for the American cover. It looks more like a mystery/thriller than the Dutch cover. The Dutch cover looks more like a dystopian story. I don't like that the title of the book is so big on the US cover. It would have been better if it was smaller. Even though I like the picture they used on the US cover, I would pick the Dutch cover. I just don't like the place and the font of the title. Way too big.

Would you pick the Dutch or American cover?

Heather G.  – (24 januari 2018 om 08:40)  

I like the Dutch cover a lot better. Though, it does have a different feel from the American one. If it's a mystery/thriller then the American one does make more sense. And I agree that the font is too big on the American one. But overall I think the Dutch one is better. I'd pick that one up if I saw them both together.

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (24 januari 2018 om 13:43)  

I agree with you. I do think the American cover says it better and looks more mysterious. I love the way they turned the picture sideways. I think that makes me forgive the font here. :)

Angela  – (24 januari 2018 om 16:46)  

I like them both, but the American cover is so unexpected. I've never seen a book cover quite like that!

Melliane  – (26 januari 2018 om 04:14)  

Both are really nice I confess

Nina  – (26 januari 2018 om 11:34)  

@Melliane: lol

@Angela: Yes, it's quite different!

@Melissa: Yay! :)

@Blodeuedd: Me too!

@Heather G: Me too! I would pick that one up aswell.

Kindlemom  – (26 januari 2018 om 12:36)  

What a fun idea! I think I like the Dutch cover better.

Nina  – (26 januari 2018 om 13:05)  

@Kindlemom: Yay! Glad you like it! I'm going to do more of these in the future. :)

Midnight Cowgirl  – (26 januari 2018 om 13:21)  

I love seeing the different covers for books!

Nina  – (26 januari 2018 om 14:12)  

@Midnight Cowgirl: Me too. I love searching for the different Dutch covers, the Spanish ones are beautiful. :)

Literary Feline  – (26 januari 2018 om 15:31)  

I have to agree with you. While I like the American photo better than the Dutch, I am not too fond of the way they displayed the title. I am not sure which I like better as a result . . .

bermudaonion  – (26 januari 2018 om 17:52)  

I don't like the sideways picture on the US cover so I vote for the Dutch cover too.

Carole Wooten  – (26 januari 2018 om 21:03)  

I like both cover pretty equally. I like how the US cover photo is sideways but the train tracks make me curious in the Dutch cover. It is always interesting to compare.

Nina  – (27 januari 2018 om 00:09)  

@Carole: The train tracks make me very curious aswell. I'm sure it has something with the missing person.

@bermudaonion: Yeah, for me there is something off with that one.

@Literary Feline: It's quite hard.

Shell  – (27 januari 2018 om 07:51)  

The Dutch cover is better, in my opinion. I don' like the angle for the US one or the font color. The Dutch one just looks more wholesome, if that makes sense?

Nina  – (27 januari 2018 om 08:51)  

@Shell: It does! I feel the same way.

Sheila (Bookjourney)  – (28 januari 2018 om 08:56)  

OOH that book looks good. I would go with the American cover - its cool with the picture the way it is... and darker like the title.

Sara @ Forever 17 Books  – (29 januari 2018 om 06:08)  

Totally agree with you! The American cover screams thriller and is more attractive to me.

Nina  – (30 januari 2018 om 10:58)  

@Sheila: Yes, like that it's darker too.

@Sara: Scream thriller, I agree with that!

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