January TBR | 2018

There are some books that I really want and need to read in Janaury. 
Need, because my library wants the book back! 

There are times I want to read something totally different and I don't stick with my tbr pile. So, there might be books on this list that I want to read now, but might end up not reading. Whoops. But, I like making tbr lists, so here's my tbr for January:

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page
The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Page

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate (Library), Flight Season by Marie Marquardt (e-book)

False Covenant by Ari Marmell
& my Chinese novel pick is: 去别处, Go outside.

The must read books are Eve & Adam and Flight Season

Have you read any of these books? What's on your tbr?

Blodeuedd  – (3 januari 2018 om 11:11)  

Ohhh the Marmell one is good!

Shell  – (3 januari 2018 om 16:11)  

Ooo... False Covenant looks good. I've read Dorothy Must Die, and I enjoyed it. I still haven't bought the sequels though... I need to do that.

I hope you enjoy these! Thanks for visiting Shell's Stories!

Nina  – (4 januari 2018 om 03:29)  

@Blodeuedd: I read the first book in the series and I loved it!

@Shell: Thank you! I'm looking forward reading all of these books, especially Dorothy Must Die. Keep hearing great things about it.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz  – (4 januari 2018 om 04:16)  

I don't plan far ahead; my reading wants change fast. I tend to read library books first. We have to, don't we?

Good luck with the story in Chinese. How admirable to aim to do this!

Nina  – (4 januari 2018 om 04:26)  

@Deb Nance: We do, really need too! Thank you! :)

bermudaonion  – (4 januari 2018 om 05:28)  

I used to make lists like that but I NEVER stuck with them so I quit. I hope you get to the books you want to read.

Lynn  – (4 januari 2018 om 05:38)  

False Covenant looks fantastic! I hope you'll enjoy it! I'm currently reading Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff and I don't have anything planned after that, I'll just wait and see what I'm in the mood for. Have a wonderful week, Nina!

Nina  – (4 januari 2018 om 05:45)  

@bermudaonion: Me too! I already started on of the books, but then again I also started a book that's not on this list. haha. :)

@Lynn: I really enjoyed the first book in the series. I will review it for the blog very soon. I heard great things about his books. Looking forward to your review. You too!

Susan  – (4 januari 2018 om 06:22)  

Those dang libraries! They always want their books back. Don't they know that sometimes we need to hang onto them for six months not just a couple weeks? LOL.

I like Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate, so I need to get around to EVE & ADAM as well. I also want to read the newest book in Grant's Gone series.

Lauren  – (4 januari 2018 om 07:28)  

Dorothy Must Die is on my TBR for the month too since I'm in a book club and that's the book for January.


Melliane  – (4 januari 2018 om 08:22)  

oh I heard great things about these books!

Kindlemom  – (4 januari 2018 om 11:05)  

I tried to get into the Dorothy Must Die series and I just couldn't. I hope you like it better than I did! Good luck with your reading goals!

Jenea Whittington  – (4 januari 2018 om 11:49)  

Hope you enjoy you upcoming reads. ☺

Nina  – (5 januari 2018 om 05:28)  

@Jenea: Thank you!

@Kindlemom: I already started the first book and I'm 80% in. I really love it! Thank you.

@Melliane: Yay!

Carole Wooten  – (5 januari 2018 om 12:53)  

I have heard great things about the Dorothy Must Die series. I hope you enjoy these!

Nina  – (7 januari 2018 om 05:14)  

@Carole Wooten: Finished reading the first book and really enjoyed it. :)

Suzanne at The Bookish Libra  – (7 januari 2018 om 08:09)  

I can't wait to see what you think of Dorothy Must Die. That has been on my TBR for ages.

Nina  – (7 januari 2018 om 08:30)  

@Suzanne: I think my review will be up next month or maybe at the end of January. But, it's a high rating for me. Really enjoyed it.

Literary Feline  – (7 januari 2018 om 17:56)  

I have heard such good things about Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Page. I hadn't realized there was another book out. Is it a series? How fun! I hope you get to and enjoy all of these, Nina!

Nina  – (8 januari 2018 om 04:16)  

@Literary Feline: Yes, it's a trilogy. I have the first two books, but I don't have the third one. I already read the first book and really enjoyed it. Loved it! Thank you!

Alicia AKernelofNonsense  – (9 januari 2018 om 13:25)  

I hope you get a chance to read all these books this month. I have a long list of books I need to get to this month too. Happy reading!

Lauren  – (11 januari 2018 om 18:01)  

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Danielle Paige's books. I've always wanted to try them, but I haven't really heard too much about them. Happy reading! :)

Nina  – (13 januari 2018 om 06:00)  

@Alicia: Thank you!!

@Lauren: I can't wait to tell you guys how much I enjoyed the first book!

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