Mystic by Alyson Noel

Mystic by Alyson Noel
Release date: May, 2013
Pages: 320
Source: Borrowed

My feelings:

Since arriving in Enchantment, New Mexico, everything in Daire Santos life has changed. And not all for the better. While she's come to accept and embrace her new powers as a Soul Seeker, Daire struggles with the responsibility she holds navigating between the worlds of the living and the dead. And with the fate of her boyfriend Dace in the balance, Daire must put aside her personal feelings and focus on defeating Cade, whose evil plans threaten everyone she loves and the world as she knows it.

My review:
Mystic started out at as an epic fail. Up untill page 83 I had lost faith in this book and started to feel that it was a big dissapointment. I left the book at my nightstand and two days later I decided to pick it up again. I'm glad I did, because around page 120 it became much better and I started to love it again.

Why was the start of Mystic a fail for me? Well, I couldn't get into the story. Daires friend Xochitl got her own chapters (POV) and it was not interesting to read. I wanted her to shut up. I love her as a friend, but I didn't wanted to read her thoughts. And thankfully the author thought the same, because the rest of the book was POVs between Daire and Dace. 

I also thought it was strange that when Daire got back, nobody really persisted her to tell her where she went, what happened and more. Super weird. I mean if my best friend who I presumed was dead came back, I would make her answer my questions. First I need answers then we can look for Dace. 

And then it got better. A lot better. Daire and Dace has grown so much in these three books. They are so much wiser and smarter dealing with their powers. Cade is still thebadass you love to hate and he's super strong. Daire and Dace need to do come up with a kick-ass plan to defeat Cade, because he's always one step ahead of them.

The ending came too quick and I was left with a broken heart. Why Alyson Noel? Why did you have to this to one of my favourite characters in the book? 

If you haven't started this series, you should!  Just be aware of the terrible start in the third book!

Sophia Rose  – (20 januari 2018 om 03:40)  

I appreciate knowing when a book gets off to a slow start. I think I would feel the same way about getting too much of the best friend's thoughts and not the heroine's. Glad it turned around for you and ended up good, Nina!

Nina  – (20 januari 2018 om 05:00)  

@Sophia Rose: It ended a lot better than I expected it to end. :) I'm looking forward to the last book in the series.

Abby Miller  – (20 januari 2018 om 08:10)  

I'm glad you ended up enjoying this book. I have not yet read it, but it sounds somewhat interesting.

Kindlemom  – (20 januari 2018 om 09:53)  

So glad you are still loving this series and author!

Nadene  – (20 januari 2018 om 14:46)  

I have had my share of experiences with books starting out slow so I can relate to how you felt about this one. It does pay to be patient when it comes to books like these.

Shell  – (20 januari 2018 om 19:35)  

Glad this one picked up for you. I still haven't read this series. It's not really on my immediate list of books to pick up, but I still think about it every once in a while...

Literary Feline  – (20 januari 2018 om 19:55)  

It is books like these that make it hard to DNF books sometimes. There's always the hope they will get better. I am glad this one did! I haven't read any of the books in this series, but it sounds like a good one.

Nina  – (21 januari 2018 om 03:09)  

@Literary Feline: Yes, totally agree with you. I'm super happy that I pushed through and read further.

@Shell: I hope one day you pick the first book up. It's really good!

@Nadene: I don't like slow starts, they always make me want to dnf the book.

Nina  – (21 januari 2018 om 03:11)  

@Blodeuedd & Kindlemom: For sure!

@Abby: Really good! I hope you pick it up one day! :)

Melliane  – (21 januari 2018 om 09:40)  

I'm glad that depiste it went down at a time, it got better thereafter

Nina  – (21 januari 2018 om 10:17)  

@Melliane: Me too, because I really loved the first two books. :)

Verushka Byrow  – (22 januari 2018 om 02:03)  

Whew, I thought this series sounded like one I should look into, until I read your first sentence and then I was all awwww (in a bad way). But it redeeemed itself! YAY!

Nina  – (22 januari 2018 om 09:02)  

@Verushka: Haha, totally redeemed itself. Even though I had a rough start with it, it's still super good!I hope you'll try it one day.

Sara @ Forever 17 Books  – (22 januari 2018 om 14:26)  

I love when a book can have a complete turn around and I'm so glad that happened for you! It can take me a bit to get into a novel so I understand the pressure of having to continue but most of the time it's worth it!

Melissa (My words and pages)  – (22 januari 2018 om 17:50)  

Bummer to hear about the beginning. But very glad the book picked up. :) That's always nice to get in a book.

Midnight Cowgirl  – (23 januari 2018 om 14:13)  

Sounds like an interesting series and glad to hear the book got better as you went along :)

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