Never let you go by Emma Carlson Berne

Never let you go by Emma Carlson Berne 
Release date: December, 2012
Pages: 240
Source: Bought

My feelings:

Megan never meant to hurt her best friend, Anna. She made a mistake, and she’s spent all year trying to regain Anna’s trust. So when Anna invites her to spend the summer on her uncle’s farm, Megan is excited…and relieved. The past is finally behind them.
On the farm, Anna quickly falls for Jordan, a rugged summer-hand. Megan and Jordan have their own spark, but Megan’s betrayed  Anna once before and she’s not about to do it again. Still, the more time that Megan and Jordan spend together, the harder it is to deny their chemistry. But Anna doesn’t like to be ignored—and she doesn’t forgive and forget. 
What started out as the perfect summer is about to take a very dark turn.

My Review:
I love these kind of books. They remind me of Rosebush and Still Waters (same author) they were short reads aswell, but very scary and exciting to read. 

Never let you go was kind of like those books. I say kind off, because there wasn't a lot of character, friendship or love development.

Anna is crazy, truly pshycho. Seriously, whooh, I do not want to meet someone like Anna. A big no no! At times I felt irritated by Megans actions. Why did she just not call the cops? Or tell an adult about her crazy ass friend? 

I love the setting of the book. I haven't read a lot of books where the characters were on a farm. I could picture the farm, the shed where the girls slept, the kitchen where they ate breakfast, everything was like a picture in my mind. The farm setting made the story creepier.

Never let you go is not a very scary read, but it's very entertaining. You will love and hate the characters, get annoyed by them and care for them. 
A great book to read when you're into mysteries and crazy, freaky friends.

Nina  – (8 februari 2018 om 11:58)  

@Blodeuedd: Yep, she totally is!

Melissa (Books and Things)  – (8 februari 2018 om 13:26)  

I wasn't sure if this one is for me, but you have me more curious. Plus you said crazy freaky friends... I love those! :D

Melliane  – (9 februari 2018 om 03:17)  

I didn't know about this one but I agree, the setting looks good!

Nina  – (9 februari 2018 om 10:47)  

@Melliane: So good! For me it was very different.

@Midnight Cowgirl: It is! I hope you'll give it a try.

@Melissa: Yay! :)

Literary Feline  – (10 februari 2018 om 20:10)  

Sometimes these are just the kind of book I am looking for!

Nina  – (14 februari 2018 om 06:56)  

@Literary Feline: Right! :) I hope you will enjoy it! It's really entertaining.

Melody  – (15 februari 2018 om 04:23)  

Sounds intriguing. Hopefully our library has a copy.

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